Ryan McAdam to Conduct Rach & Bach with the LPO


On the Thursday evening before the big night, The LPO is performing Tchaikovsky’s Symphony number 4 and also the orchestra will accompany violist, Nadia Sirota, in a performance of Nico Muhly’s viola concerto. When we finally worked out a date to play our two concertos with the LPO, the head of the orchestra called Ryan McAdams to ask him if he would not mind staying and conducting another concert. Let’s face it. Quinn and Michael are amateurs and Ryan McAdams is a famous conductor. The man just conducted Carmen in Rome this summer to stunning reviews. Ryan gave us a little synopsis of the phone call and it went something like this.  LPO President: “Hey, Ryan. Hmm Listen…We know that you are conducting the famous violinist on Thursday November 15th in New Orleans but there are these two guys, a doctor and a lawyer, who live in New Orleans and are doing a charity benefit concert and playing Bach and Rachm….”    He did not need to finish the sentence.  “Of course I will do it!” Ryan said without a hesitation. 

So, not only do we get to play our concertos with the LPO but we also get the charismatic and dashing Ryan McAdams as our guest conductor. We met Ryan in New York for the first time and it was an instant friendship. This guy is overpoweringly kind, generous, and flat out nice. It was like a weight was lifted off of our shoulders to meet someone so positive and excited about conducting us in this concert. 

Here is Ryan’s website. Just take a look at the things this guy has done and he is still YOUNG! The orchestral name dropping does not end. Holy cow! We are in awe. 

Michael Harold