You Get Nowhere Unless You Ask!


I am a member of the board of Friends of Music which is a concert series in New Orleans that brings some of the greatest chamber music players to the city. I am not a fool. I asked to be on the hospitality committee which means helping to entertain guests performers that come to New Orleans. I take them to rehearsals or to the concert venue. It’s a volunteer job but it also puts me in contact with famous musicians I would never get to meet on my own. The famous pianist, Angela Hewitt,  known for playing J.S. Bach came to New Orleans to give a recital and Quinn and I hosted a reception for her at our house. One thing led to another and we both played four hand duets with Angela. Needless to say the evening was unforgettable. I still listen to Angela Hewitt’s recording of the Bach piano concerto in F minor that I am going to play on November 17th. Her interpretation of the concerto is magnificent. 

Michael Harold